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Steeping in Diet Culture

Steeping in Diet Culture

Asher M. Seruya | Psychotherapist, Writer & Illustrator

Diet culture is the water we swim in. It’s a framework through which we view our world, and it seeps into every little nook and cranny that it can. We may not even realize we are engaging in diet culture some of the time—that’s how sneaky it is.

In this way, we can think of ourselves as being STEEPED in diet culture. All the things that make diet culture what it is, we soak that shit up like the latest special tea blend (💩☕️ anyone?). We steep and steep and steep, until it almost feels like it’s a part of us; until we can’t tell where it ends and where we begin.

When we can see diet culture hiding behind its many faces and disguises though, and name it for what it is, we can begin to divest ourselves from it; we can learn to live in ways that are authentic and supportive for us, no matter our body size.

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