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The Emotions & Feelings Wheel

The Emotions & Feelings Wheel

Asher M. Seruya | Psychotherapist, Writer & Illustrator

Adapted from the Junto Institutes’ Emotion Wheel design, The Emotions & Feelings Wheel Illustrated Infographic is meant to be a tool for emotional exploration. Use it when you feel stuck, when you need a journal prompt, when you need to ground, or when you are trying to come back home to yourself.

The additional information provided about the benefits of identifying our emotions can also be good reminders for moments when you are feeling frustrated with the complicated reality of existing as a human. Sometimes our emotions feel frustrating, and we might want to disconnect from them. But they are also what us who we are, and in disconnecting from our emotions, we disconnect from ourselves. To be clear, sometimes we need to disconnect from ourselves! And, sometimes we need reminders as to why dealing with our emotions is important for us in the long-term.

Purchase includes a high resolution download of digital artwork (JPG) and two simple-text files, one image-based (JPG) and one simple-text-based (Word file).

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